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Beside the stock lenses we also operate a state-of-the-art digital free form lens production centre associated with in-housing hard coating and anti-reflective coating. We make the surfaced Rx lenses to the highest standards with a delivery time of 3-5 days. We are confident in being able to react to all your lens demands. Some of our freeform lens designs are as follows.

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Alpha H45

A Premium personalized progressive lens that offers a great quality of vision and wide visual fields for any distance. Alpha H45 is the perfect balance between far, intermediate and near vision.

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Alpha S45

Alpha S45 is a general use progressive design specially created for first time progressive wearers. It has a very smooth transition between distance and near vision that offers to the user the easiest way to find the focus points.


Digital Round-Seg

Digital Round-Seg is a personalized Bifocal design which offers wide fields of clear vision for both distances. It provides wearers with comfortable vision and no distortion or swim effect. The diameter of the add segment is available in 28 mm and 40 mm.

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Single Vision

Advanced Single Vision takes advantage of our in-depth knowledge in personalized ophthalmic lens design to reach the highest performance also for Single Vision lenses. Not only standard prescriptions to be fitted in common frames can be produced with this design, Single Vision is also a high performance design for complicated jobs such as high prescriptions or lenses for wrap frames.

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Office Reader

Office Reader appears as the best occupational lens for those wearers who spend much time working at near and intermediate distances. It offers comfortable near and intermediate visual areas with a minimum lateral astigmatism.
This is a degressive lens with multiple degression values. Office Reader offers several clear vision depths that provide the patients with a visual solution perfectly adapted to their individual needs:
• Office Reader 1.3 m (Allow to see clearly from near to 1.3 m)
• Office Reader 2 m (Allow to see clearly from near to 2 m)
• Office Reader 4 m (Allow to see clearly from near to 4 m)

If you value quality, performance and innovation you’ve come to the right place.

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