There is no doubt that glasses have become an essential daily accessory for most of us. In addition to myopia glasses, sunglasses, and 3D glasses, there is also a magical photochromic lens, that is worth our understanding and research.

Early photochromic lenses were glass lenses, using silver halide as the photochromic material. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the vast majority of photochromic lenses now use organic photochromic dyes. It can turn into a dark color and block light within tens of seconds under the sun, but it takes a long time to recover indoors.


The photochromic factor in photochromic lenses absorbs ultraviolet rays to achieve the color-changing effect. Therefore, photochromic lenses are inherently good at absorbing ultraviolet rays. Different colors of photochromic lenses have little difference in UV protection effects, but they all have their own strengths and other features.

PhotoBrown lenses can effectively improve visual contrast and clarity, and have a better wearing effect in severe air pollution or foggy conditions. It is an ideal choice for drivers, mature people, and high-degree patients.


PhotoGray lenses can effectively reduce the light intensity, has a high degree of color reproduction, and the vision is real. It also belongs to the neutral color system and is suitable for all people.


PhotoPink and PhotoPurple lenses can filter out stray light, block strong light and soften light, and can also relax and relieve stress. It is also a fashion artifact for women's daily wear.

PhotoBlue lenses can effectively absorb stray light in visible light and help relieve eye fatigue. It is the preferred configuration for seaside play.

PhotoYellow lenses, enhance visual contrast in foggy environment and dusk environment, make vision clearer. Can be used as night vision goggles, especially for drivers.

PhotoGreen lenses, and increase the green light reaching the eyes, relieve the pressure caused by excessive eye use, suitable for people with visual fatigue.


Post time: Apr-27-2023