Polycarbonate (PC), also known as PC plastic; It is a polymer containing carbonate group in the molecular chain. According to the structure of ester group, it can be divided into aliphatic group, aromatic group, aliphatic group - aromatic group and other types.
PC lens made of PC diaphragm is the safest lens compulsory for primary and secondary school students in Europe and the United States, accounting for 70% of the students.

pc lens1

1, no internal stress
PC lens center to edge 2.5-5.0cm, no rainbow phenomenon, will not cause the wearer to feel dizzy, eye swelling, eye fatigue and other adverse reactions.

2, wear-resistant flower prevention
New PC lens surface hardening technology, so that PC lens has a hard and durable anti-flower function, strong impact resistance, can effectively reduce the probability of lens wear, long keep the lens clear and natural.

3, anti-reflection
PC lens vacuum coating, so that the transmittance of 99.8% or more, can effectively eliminate all directions of reflection, suitable for night driving, while reducing the dispersion of light.

4, firm coating
PC lens because of the use of special hardening technology, so as to ensure the coating film firmness, strong overlaying force, not easy to fall off.

5, dust, water and fog
Dust, moisture and fog are important factors affecting lens surface cleaning. PC lens adopts special hardening technology, which greatly improves the dustproof, waterproof and fog-proof function of the lens.

6, real UV protection
The material of the resin sheet itself does not have the function of UV protection, but depends on the coating on its surface to prevent UV, and the PC material itself has the function of UV protection, so the PC lens, whether it is a white piece or a film, has a durable good isolation wavelength of UV 397mm below.

PC lens surface is extremely smooth and flat, so that the scattering inside the lens is minimized, so as to reduce the damage of light to the retina, and increase the color contrast of the wearer.

8, effective absorption of electromagnetic radiation wave
The environment of human activities is faced with electromagnetic radiation, especially the frequent use of computers. PC lenses can effectively absorb the radiation induced by computers.

9, ultra-light, ultra-thin
PC lens is made of lightweight and high-quality materials, combined with the results of many years of optical design and research. Super light, super thin, can effectively reduce the pressure of glasses on the bridge of the nose.

PC lens is 10 times stronger than traditional resin lens impact, 60 times stronger than glass, is the most impact-resistant lens in the world, this material is commonly known as bulletproof glass after thickening.

Post time: Sep-20-2022