When the high temperature in midsummer meets the rainy season, the high temperature and heavy rain "seamlessly connect", the steaming mode is always on. Whether it is a heat wave or a heavy rain, environmental factors always affect driving conditions, travel safety cannot be ignored, and every journey is worth taking seriously.

Drive progressives fully meet the needs of people who have higher visual requirements for driving. Travel safely and enjoy a smooth journey.


1. Myopia compensation to improve night vision

Provide night-time myopia compensation in the remote use area, improve the visual quality in dark light environments such as night and rainy weather, and improve the driver's perception of space and distance, thereby improving night-time imaging quality, alleviating driving fatigue, and calmly coping with complex environments.


2. Astigmatism optimization to broaden the driving field of vision

The unique astigmatism optimization makes the driving vision wider and improves driving comfort and safety.


3. Easy switching to optimize driving experience

The luminosity distribution tailored to driving needs increases the long-distance and middle-distance vision ranges by about 70% and 45% respectively, making it easy for drivers to switch between roads, rearview mirrors and dashboards, and to grasp road conditions more comprehensively and accurately.


4. Filter out glare, always soft and clear

High-definition anti-glare film, full-time protective light-sensing technology can reduce glare and glare on the road surface, reduce glare and optimize the contrast of objects in low light, improve low-light vision, and make the outline of objects clearer.


Post time: Jul-21-2023