Sun Sensitive Color Changing Photochromic Pigment

Photochromic lenses are produced by mixing photochromic pigments with lens monomer and then injecting it into a mold.
Photochromic pigment is a specialty designed powder to change color when exposed to a UV light source, but reacts best to direct sunlight. White or colorless when not exposed to sunlight.

Fully automatic Spin Coating Technology

The introduction of intelligent robots realizes the automatic spin coating process to uniformly attach the discoloration layer, avoids errors such as inconsistent discoloration depth and uneven discoloration caused by manual operation, and presents a stable and beautiful discoloration effect.

Deeper discoloration
The unique technology of the coating makes the adhesion of the discoloration factor stronger and the discoloration deeper. Fully automatic spin-coating of intelligent photochromic factors, quickly captures ambient light changes and intelligently adjusts colors, quickly switching between transparent lens and sunglasses modes.

Cleaner: Fading without residue
Intelligent photochromic factor, flexible perception of ambient light changes, rapid fading and no residue, rapid recovery from outdoor to indoor. Avoid the embarrassment of wearing “sunglasses” indoors.

More uniform discoloration
Using the automatic spin coating technology compared with the traditional photochromic lenses, these photochromic lenses have more uniform discoloration, eliminating the phenomenon of “panda’s eye” and “bull’s eye” caused by uneven discoloration, and it is more beautiful to wear.

Color stability
The photochromic is stable and does not rebound, and the photochromic depth is consistent under continuous sunlight exposure outdoors, and you can still enjoy a comfortable visual experience even in the scorching sun.

Effectively block UV rays
The intelligent photochromic coating can effectively block ultraviolet rays up to 90%, build a safety barrier for the eyes, and protect the eyes from sunlight damage.

Post time: Aug-05-2022