How often do you change your glasses?
Most people have no concept of the service life of glasses. In fact, glasses also have a shelf life like food.
How long does a pair of glasses last? To what extent do you need to refit?

First, ask yourself a question: Can you see clearly and comfortably?
Glasses, whose basic function is to correct vision. Whether a pair of glasses needs to be replaced or not, the first consideration is whether good corrected vision can be obtained after wearing them. Good corrected vision requires not only seeing clearly, but also seeing comfortably and lastingly.
(1) Barely see clearly, eyes get tired quickly
(2) You can see clearly, but you will feel uncomfortable if you wear it for a long time
As long as these two situations occur, such glasses are unqualified and must be replaced in time.


So, how often do you change your glasses? It depends on different situations.

Children and adolescents: Change according to the change of degrees

Children and adolescents are in the stage of growth and development, and it is the peak period of eye use, and the degree changes very quickly. Due to long-term close-range use of the eyes, the degree of myopia is easy to deepen.
Suggestion: Medical optometry every six months before the age of 18. If the old glasses cannot correct vision to the normal level of the same age, you need to consider re-fitting glasses.


Adults: Change every two years

The degree of myopia in adults is relatively stable, but it does not mean that it will not change. It is recommended to have a medical optometry every 1-2 years. According to the results of the optometry, combined with the needs of work and life, the doctor will judge whether it is necessary to re-fit the glasses. Patients with high myopia whose degree of myopia exceeds 600 degrees should also undergo regular fundus examinations to prevent the occurrence of fundus diseases.


Elderly: Presbyopic glasses should be replaced regularly

Because the degree of presbyopia will also increase with age. There is no specific time limit for the replacement of reading glasses. When the elderly wear glasses to read the newspaper and feel tired, and their eyes are sore and uncomfortable, they should go to the hospital to check whether the prescription of the glasses is appropriate.


What bad habits will affect the life of glasses?

Bad Habit 1: Taking off and wearing glasses with one hand
When you take off the glasses, you always take them off from one side. Over time, you will find that the screws on the other side of the temple are loose, and then the temples are deformed, the screws fall off, and the glasses fall apart. The deformation of the mirror legs will also cause the glasses to be unable to be worn straight, affecting the correction effect.

Bad habit 2: Wipe glasses directly with glasses cloth
When we feel that there is dust or stains on the lens, the first reaction is to wipe it directly with glasses cloth, but we don’t know that this will increase the friction between the dust and the lens, which is equivalent to brushing the glass with an iron brush. Of course, the lens is easy to scratch .

Bad Habit 3: Bathing, bathing and wearing glasses
Some friends like to wash their glasses with them while taking a bath, or wear glasses while soaking in hot springs. When the lens encounters hot steam or hot water, the film layer is easy to peel off, expand and deform. At this time, water vapor can easily enter the film layer, which will also cause the lens to peel off.

Post time: Apr-11-2023